Loretta Crosby is an ex Social Security Disability claims examiner, having worked in the states of Georgia and North Carolina. During her tenure with the North Carolina Disability Determination Service, an organization that provides disability decisions as a contractual arm of the Social Security Administration, she was certified as a "Single Decision Maker" which granted her the ability to decide certain claims alleging physical disabilities without the input of a medical consultant.

Prior to becoming a disability adjudicator, Crosby served as an overseas volunteer for the Bahá'í Faith for over five years in Haifa, Israel and Accra, Ghana (West Africa).

A native South Carolinian, Crosby grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Her professional career includes a range of public service positions. As a social service generalist, she certified clients for Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Food Stamps and Medicaid. As a social service analyst, she worked with Day Care Center providers to ensure low income children received nutritious meals through the Child Care Food Program administered by USDA. She has also served as a county Child Protective Services caseworker determining issues of child abuse and neglect, and helping families access treatment services when indicated.

Crosby holds a BS degree in psychology, and was an award-winning newspaper journalist while covering health, education, welfare and religious issues at a Knight-Ridder newspaper in Georgia. Internationally, she has served as an assistant editor of a global religious bi-weekly news bulletin, and as editor of a national news magazine in Israel and Ghana, respectively.

"Though I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up, my passion has always been to assist people to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of them realizing their full God-given potential," Crosby said.

"Sometimes those stumbling blocks involve economic challenges and sometimes they involve a lack of faith in the abilities of their Father to change their circumstances, or otherwise impact outcomes in a positive way."

Crosby says she seeks to "serve, bless, inspire and live on purpose!"

"My adopted motto is 'Pray as if everything depended on God -- and then act as if everything depended on you.'"

Crosby is an independent content writer, web-designer and info-preneur. Catch her online at RecallingHealth.com, SheaButterCenter.com and Social-Security-Disability-ESP.com. Tweet her at twitter.com/onepupil9